"While the world media continues to guide our focus toward the chaos and injustices prevalent today; inner peace remains an individual journey to the stillness within each of us. The album "An Offering" is a tribute to the mountains climbed and an invitation to assist another on their inside journey to the stillness within."
-Rie Anderson
"All About Love" comes from our hearts beating as one. With the sensitivity of our music director, John Oddo and phenomenally talented musicians, he has written arrangements that flow with romantic flair!
"All About Love" is all about Kenny and Leayh in real life.  The songs are mostly about love and mostly well known, but two of them are fine originals by Leayh - "Play That Tenor Sax For Me" and "Leah's Lullaby." Kenny is featured instrumentally on Gershwin's "Our Love Is Here To Stay." and he is heard with Leayh throughout, along with John Oddo's expert piano and arrangements.  Leayh dazzles not only with her vocalism but her renditions in Portuguese, French and Spanish. Then too, there is Dave Frishberg's witty "Another Song About Paris," an ironic point of view which sets off the sincerity and love expressed by the others."
-Dick Hyman
"Leayh's voice fits this choice of music perfectly and together Kenny and Leayh set the mood.  Kenny's playing is superb as usual.  Listening to this beautiful music reminds me that Kenny Soderblom is probably the best saxophone player that I have ever recorded."
-Bruce Swedien 5 time Grammy Winner, Producer, and Sound Engineer for Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, etc. 
Leayh handles the vocals with a warmth and romanticism and a clarity of voice that is enchanting."
-John M. Peters
The Borderland Music Watch Column in London, England

"Leayh's vocals are strongly complemented by Kenny's superb saxophone work throughout the cd. His tones are rich, deep and full of that mellow quality that makes the listener know they are in the presence of a master."
-All About Jazz
"Together Kenny and Leayh Soderblom know how to stoke the sizzle in romantically lit jazz with the verve of a couple whose entire being is saturated in love."
-jazz Times"
"You both are so talented. The choice of material is so wonderful.  Arrangements are beautiful. Vocals are perfect.  A breath of fresh air.
-Jamie Fagan, Queen of the Jingles
Kenny and Leayh Soderblom's release is "ALL ABOUT LOVE" and so it is. If you've ever been in love or want to be then this is your CD.  The beautiful combination of both Leayh's voice and Kenny's horn is both romantic and seductive.  The Great American Songbook lives on here.  I hope Kenny and Leayh will continue to Play That Sax and sing love songs for all of us for many years to come.
-Don Wolff - I love jazz on Loudcaster, Live 365 & HECTV
"All About Love" is all about great listening, Kenny and Leayh Soderblom have given us 14 tracks of musical magic.  If there's a fan club for these talented folks count me in for a charter membership!
-Bill Miller, Host/Nationally syndicated Bill Miller Show
Charter Member Kansas Broadcaster's Hall of Fame
We wish to thank John McCoy for making this project possible.  John Oddo: We are truly blessed to have you in our lives.  Many thanks to all the musicians that played on our cd.  First-rate and dazzling!
Jim Czak - Nola Studios: Thank you for an incredible experience in New York!  What a great sound engineer! Tom Morris - Morrisound for his expertise in mixing and mastering! 
A big hug and many thank you's Tom for being a dear friend...
-Kenny & Leayh

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