After 3 years In the making “Tears” came together and continued to evolve with the making of this video.  Kenny Soderblom was the love of my life.♥️ I am so grateful for his love and continued support throughout our marriage.
Kenny and I performed and recorded many well-known standards together.
Loving photography as I do, I set up a time lapse of lilies never dreaming that all of them would bloom over a nine day period of continued shooting in my studio.
You will notice the pink ones are all upfront and the orange lillies are all in the back. I had no idea the flowers were arranged to perfection.
I chose to have Kenny playing his beloved tenor saxophone at the beginning of “Tears,” and at the end.
Kenny was a master musician, an amazing talent, and a kind and caring, gentle human being.
After viewing the timelapse of these breathtaking flowers, I decided they should be (upfront and personal) in Kenny’s video, and decided to end the video with a sunset vignette of myself.
The clouds that begin and end the video are timelapse’s I videotaped in my backyard.  They fit the mood of the video perfectly.
I hope you enjoy this tribute to Kenny from the depths of my ♥️.

Thank you Michael Raye for the beautiful piano and additional instrumentation to complete this memorable tribute.🙏🏻
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